Appl-y Ever After?

It’s only the middle of September but I’m trying to do as many different recipes with apples as possible. We have 4 eating apple trees, one for each member of the family, which come into fruit at different times of the Autumn. One tree, Bobby’s, has had large ripe apples since the middle of August, although this year it wasn’t as prolific as the others. All those apples have been eaten and we’re starting on the next tree. However, all trees are shedding windfalls, as they’re all absolutely laden with fruit this year. And this is before we look at the cider apple trees in the orchard!


The allotment is looking lovely now, with its new shed and lovely large table and chairs. We had a lovely barbecue on Thursday evening and came home with a bag full of windfalls, all of which are perfectly good to consume, just slightly small and tart. I also came home with the beginnings of a cold, and so, today being a sunny Saturday afternoon, the kids decided to play out with the rest of the children on the road and I got making stuff. The first recipe I did is for an Apple Cake, which I got from the BBC Good Food website. Just at the moment, the smell of it is mingling beautifully with the pungent aroma of the second recipe I have done, one for beetroot chutney, sent to me by one of my cousins from an old recipe book. This is a particularly useful recipe, as it uses apples, onions and beetroot, all of which we have just ready at the moment in the allotment.


1kg raw beetroot, grated






450g onion, skinned and chopped

675g apples, peeled, cored and chopped







450g seedless raisins






1l malt vinegar

1kg sugar




6 level tsp ground ginger

Method: Put all the ingredients in a large saucepan, bring to the boil then simmer for about an hour until soft and pulpy. Pot and cover in the usual way.

(The last is a direct quote from the recipe!)

Now, by the look of this, it’s a simple recipe…but it takes about an hour to prepare all the veg.  And you end up with pink hands from the beetroot!






So, these two recipes together took care of about one and a half kilos of apples. Not a bad way to pass a Saturday afternoon.DSC_0205


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